But not our Mosquito misting systems!

Elite Misting Systems are fully automated systems that give you complete control at your fingertips. Not only will a misting system eliminate your yard of mosquitoes it will help reduce fleas, ticks, gnats no see ums and other insects. An Elite Misting system comes with a lifetime warranty on repair and labor and a 2 year limited warranty on parts, at no additional charge for as long as you have a service and maintenance agreement.

  • The automatic misting system is controlled by a digital timer which is set to deliver a fine mist for 30-45 seconds at peak mosquito breeding times of the day, usually during early morning and late evening. Our misting system is completely safe for children and pets.

Elite Misting System programs include:

  • 12 Monthly visits to property to fill tank, check lines and perform regular maintenance
  • Larviciding of any standing water
  • Winterize and de-winterize system
  • 3 free Elite backpack fogging treatments for special events/parties

What sets Team Elite apart from the Rest?

  1. 12 Monthly visits to property compared to the industry standard "visits when the tank needs filled" Avg. 3-5 actual 2 visits per year. we pride our selves on customer service and being present. By monthly visits we are able to be pro active and fix any leaks that may have been caused and give you the maximum results you are expecting from your investment.

  2.  We apply larvicide to any standing water areas. In the fight against mosquitoes it is just as important to eliminate the breeding areas as well as killing the adult mosquitoes. We are the only company that uses a larvicide with our misting system customers.

  3. Free backpack fogging treatments. Yes our system works amazing and will give you the results you expect in the areas that are covered. But what about that birthday party you have planned? You might be planning on using a part of your yard that our system does not cover. Well no worry we offer 3 complimentary fogging treatments to these areas so you can enjoy the special day/days bite free. Once again Team Elite is the only company that offers complimentary fogging treatments with misting systems.

  4. At Team Elite you are part of our Team. Not just another number getting lost amongst the thousands. We care about you, your yard, your kids, your pets and yes even your in-laws.
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