Quotes I've used large commercial pest control companies since I became a homeowner decades ago, and I've never been without pests. So I had nothing to lose in giving Dennis a try. I have to say, we've been really happy so far. In the three months that he's been taking care of us, we've had no intruders of any size. I don't know what's in his toolkit, but whatever it is, we're bug-free. Dennis did so well with yard pests, I took him up on his offer to bring my mosquito problem under control. We have an idyllic back yard full of hydrangeas, a statue and pond, and benches and flowers, and we've never been able to sit outside between March and December because of the mosquitoes. Again, Dennis has given us a whole new living space. I've seen more chipmunks than mosquitoes since he started treatment. I've been bitten once in three months. So I highly recommend Dennis. He's trustworthy, reliable, and competent. Can't beat that. David S. Quotes
David Scruggs
Photographer with beautiful yard

Quotes When I first met Dennis and he told me that I could have a mosquito free yard, I thought he was crazy. I have always battled mosquitoes eating me and my kids alive. Making play time outside miserable. Now that we have started services with Elite Pest our favorite time of the day is play time outside in the yard. If you do not have mosquito services with Elite Pest Solutions you are missing out. Quotes
Shelly Brown
Satisfied mom

Quotes When we called Dennis, he immediately came to our house to help us with a pest problem. There is something different when Dennis comes to your house. So many people work for a big company and are just clocking in and clocking out. Dennis cares and wants to get to the root of the problem, not just a short term fix. Dennis wants to get your pest problem solved and will do whatever it takes. He is honest, genuine, really cares, and it is a pleasure to talk with Dennis. I would recommend Dennis and Elite Pest Solutions to anyone. Quotes
Happy Client

Quotes He did a great job and is very personable. His wife who answers the phone is quite friendly. They gave me a Great deal on the service and fixed an Extreme bug problem for a condo I'd just moved in. I would recommend to any friend! Quotes
B. Bentley
Another Satisfied Customer

Quotes Dennis took care of a yellow jacket nest for us. My husband was stung twice in the days preceding Dennis' visit, so we were reluctant to deal further with it. He also dug up the nest so that we could be assured it was eradicated and see what it looked like. Very professional and easy to work with. He's coming back for mosquitos...hope that works as well! Quotes
Carol L

Quotes If you're like me, and you prefer to trust someone who comes into your home regularly, Dennis is your guy. I recently contracted with him and have yet to see a bug in my home! This is incredible because I live in Atlanta-Midtown. He seemed to have my best interests in mind, did not try to upsell me, and even gave me tips how to treat other areas of my house such as fruit flies. Excellent impression. Quotes
Shauna R.

Quotes Dennis is great. Ethical, Trustworthy, and Thorough. I would reccomend him to anyone. Quotes
David Touwsma

Quotes I used to use another company for my mosquitoes services but every time our family would go outside to enjoy our yard we would still get ate up by mosquitoes. We were told by a neighbor about Elite Pest Solutions so we decided to give them a try. Right from the start we noticed a huge difference in the customer service. The office and our tech were very informative and quick to respond. They came out and treated our yard and I can say we have had a complete night and day difference from their treatment results from our past experiences. I would def recommend them to any of my friends and neighbors. Thanks for letting us enjoy our yard again Elite Pest!! Quotes
Mike Stevenson
Amazing Service

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